We engaged ComplyX to assist us with completing a large project which required them to write 550 SOAs over an 8-week period. A project of this size with such a short turnaround time was a huge undertaking and something not heard of in the industry.

Not only was the project delivered on time, it was delivered at a very high standard. We were extremely happy with the quality of work completed by the ComplyX Paraplanners and we are keen to continue our working relationship with them going forward.

The Paraplanners were able to communicate with our Advisors and discuss any questions they had regarding the SOA over the phone.

Any quality concerns and rework items were addressed promptly with limited follow up required. I strongly recommend ComplyX and feel that they would be able to meet any quality or turnaround time requirements.

Tim Sutcliffe, Paraplanning Operations Manager, Viridian Advisory

Shaw and Partners has engaged ComplyX for ongoing work after a successful pilot. We are confident in their ability to deliver complex SoAs and provide a high touch service across our entire network.

We happily receive feedback on our current process, template and XPLAN software wizard and this guidance from ComplyX has been very productive for our business operations. We have had some teething problems with our SoA at XPLAN and Alex has been assisting us through the process on this.

There has been a consistent commitment on communication not only by ComplyX paraplanners to our advisers but also by ComplyX management to lead the project successfully and engage with key stakeholders within our business.

We look forward to continuing to build a longer-term relationship with ComplyX and would recommend them as an outsourced paraplanning company. I am happy to be called or emailed personally to provide a verbal reference. Please request my details from Alex.

Charles Stewart , National Head of Financial Planning, Shaw and Partners
Since engaging with Alex & the ComplyX team in the early stages of 2020, I have been consistently pleased that we made the decision to engage.

Before our engagement, we were unsure of the direction we should take, & bereft of confidence due to our previous paraplanning arrangement (which was outsourced in Australia).

Alex & his team have helped us to build confidence in the process & educated us in the BID requirements. Alex & his team have consistently provided us guidance & top-level service.

The SOA’s created have been high quality, & there is a clear understanding of what is required for advice businesses to deliver under the new advice framework.

I would highly recommend the services of Alex & his team.

Matt Hale, Director, Rising Tide Financial Services
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