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Revenue Management for Financial Advisers

CommPay is a cutting edge revenue management solution designed specifically for financial adviser firms. It is a scalable system that allows your business to move away from manual commission tracking and bring your business into the future with a complete revenue management system.

A purpose-built tool specifically for financial planners, CommPay integrates with XPLAN to combine client revenue data with CRM capability. It supports a variety of complex revenue sharing splits and remuneration model arrangements.

With CommPay, you can:

  • Manage your revenue statements and regulatory reporting
  • Match expected revenue to actual, enabling you to generate accurate revenue, productivity and profitability reports
  • Import multiple documents from suppliers and map the data into your existing databases
  • Establish, configure and manage different revenue models with minimal effort
  • Effectively manage adviser accounts
  • Manage all billing, invoices and payments (via XPLAN).

ComplyX is the leading provider of CommPay in Australia. Our experienced team will seamlessly implement the CommPay system in your business for a fixed price, with ongoing system management and support.

Scale your financial planning firm with CommPay through ComplyX today.

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