Dedicated Outsourced Paraplanning

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Your Dedicated Outsourced Paraplanning

Outsourced Paraplanning:

A cost effective, high-quality, outsourced solution for you to consider. We package up packs of SoA’s and weave into the offer a compliance review of 20% of files, which is a separate report for the advice/licensee on areas of improvement, additional viable alternatives etc. By combining the paraplanning offering with an overlay of compliance, we believe this offers an extension of the risk management framework for an AFSL.

Our focus areas are:

·       We see ourselves as an extension to your business. We will sit with you/your team to facilitate a smooth transition process to outsourced paraplanning.

·       We understand that every business is different, we will handle this by only having select clients so that we can have a deep understanding of their standards and will assign paraplanners to specific clients so that there be consistency with output.

·       We have a team of Australian compliance consultants who personally review a subset of plans and provide coaching feedback. This could be extended to include training and other areas of support.

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